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ML108, MTB753, MTB695... Leslie John Sprigg.  Leading Telegraphist. Leslie John Sprigg (Sparks) MiD, founder of this website in 2004, sadly passed away on 15th January 2016 aged 95 years. Beloved husband, father, father in law, grandfather, great grandfather and friend, he will be sadly missed. This website will continue in his memory. EMAIL


MTB 603.. Arthur Royston “Roy” Cherry Able Seaman Arthur Royston “Roy” Cherry DSM. Served as Radar operator on  MTB603 under Lt Lightoller DSC died 23 September 2012 aged 91 years. Bob Osborne, His executor. Who has photographs etc and a tape of Roy talking about his service. EMAIL

MTB 681... My half brother Frank William Withers was sunk on MTB 681. He passed away a couple of years ago. I would be pleased to hear from any shipmates.  EMAIL

HMS Cotswold... I'm looking for any information about the Hunt class destroyer HMS Cotswold from 1940 - 1942. It was hit by a mine off the English East Coast on 20/21 April 1942. My uncle, Roy Synnuck, was a stoker on this ship and suffered horrific injuries, from which he died. If anyone has any photos or knew Roy I would appreciate any information that I could pass on to Roy's brother to complete our family knowledge. EMAIL

George Dobbin... I am trying to find out information relating to my father's wartime service on MTB's during the war. My father was George Dobbin, who passed away in June of last year. He spent several years on MTBs based in the English Channel. If anyone served with my father or knows where I can find out more about which MTBs he served on I would be grateful to hear from them. EMAIL

LST-157.. Looking for anyone who served on the LST-157 in 1942,1943 or 1944. Please Contact EMAIL  with any information.

LST-157... My father John Nappi Seaman First class, was on LST 157 during the Battle of Normandy, Omaha beach, First Wave. He drove a landing craft. Tried to Email but mail was returned. EMAIL

HMS Greenwich, Charles Johnson.. Anyone having any information about Charles Joseph Johnson - Merchant Navy man from Australia - badge on uniform sleeve "Torpedo" regiment, could have been a stoker. Served 1940 - 1941 on HMS Greenwich. (He had a head injury and his appendix out while serving.) EMAIL

MTB695, MTB675.. My father, Clifford Edwards was a Petty Officer on MTB695 until 31/4/44 then on MTB675 t0 25/5/45. I would like to know where this ship was during these dates. We know they were involved in D Day and we know he ended up in Sydney Aust. Can anyone help? Thanks very much, greatly appreciated. Ruth Hopkins. EMAIL

MTB760, 66th Flotilla.. My father CPO Stephen Waller. men in despatches. served in this flotilla (66th.) Minesweeping. on board MTB760 Is there any info on the deployment of this flotilla ? EMAIL

MTBs off Africa.. Eric Lanceley was my uncle and a mechanic in MTBs in WW2. He served in Takoradi on what was then the Gold Coast and at Trincomallee, Ceylon. We think that he was also at Capetown. He ended up as a CPO if family rumour is right. I have found nothing about MTBs off Africa and in the Indian Ocean and would like to know more. Did they sail right round Africa? Any info would be welcomed. Ian Sant . EMAIL

John Kenneth Spencer MGB85 / MTB458... Looking for any of my father's old shipmates who served with him on these two boats. His name is John Kenneth Spencer and he will be 87 in May. EMAIL

ML172.. Looking for anyone whom served on ML172. EMAIL

MTB 494.. Bert Markham. MiD passed away on the 6th. Dec 2009, age 92 . Bert was the last survivor from MTB 494 which was rammed and sunk by German E-Boat S 176 on the 7th. April 1945. MTB494 Website Here

TB18.. ARTHUR REEVE.. I would like to hear from anyone who was related to any of the crew on TB18. I'd particularly like to get any
photographs of TB18 or the crew or details of the actions TB18 took part in the 1st WW. Mike Reeve

ML291.. My father Charles Vincent Noble served aboard ML291 during WW2 and I believe they were based in Newhaven. Does anyone have any photographs or messages that I could use in further research. Michael Noble. EMAIL

MTB 83, MTB 245, MTB 292.. I am seeking information about my great uncle's naval career - Douglas (Duggie) Hunt - who served on MTBs 83, 245 and 392. Due to family split I didn't meet Douglas but now researching out family tree have learnt a little of his war service. Unfortunately he passed away last year so missed the opportunity to meet him and hear some stories. Any information would be much appreciated. Richard Hunt. EMAIL

Edwin John Morgan.. My Uncle Edwin John Morgan, from Cove, Farnborough, Hampshire (8/7/26 - 29/8/07) served on board ML 182 at HMS ‘Attack’ at Portland from July 1943, then ML 136 from 1st April 1944 at HMS ‘Hornet’ at Haslar, Gosport.
On D-Day itself, he was involved in shepherding the Assault Landing Craft to Gold Beach that were discharged from larger ships in deep water – their job was to escort them to shallower water, in areas that had been swept for mines so they could discharge the troops. ML 136 had begun to escort the (LCT’s) Landing Craft Tanks before H-Hour – the first Assault on D-Day set for 0725 hours and stayed near Gold Beach giving protection with the ASDIC and Radar Dome from D-Day, the 6th June 1944 until August 1944. ML 136 was giving protection continually to the Stores and Equipment of the Supply Line that was coming in to Normandy, especially after the great storm damage. Her other duties were those of patrolling all areas with radar and anti-submarine, except in the American sectors. Ted was then on ML135 in Ancona, Italy, Minesweeping in the Med January 1945 – August 1946. As ML135 tied up, my Uncle met Popski’s Private army carrying a piano across a square to start a party. These men sold the lads on everything from Berettas to alcohol. Also the Coastal Forces base in Malta to September 1946.
I am putting together his life story which we began writing down a few years before he passed away and would appreciate any information – technical, personal, historical, on his ships, naval bases, geographical locations, theatres of war. Jan Coles. 

Edwin John Morgan provided by Jan Coles

MGB 324, ML 878 HMS Minstrel.. I am trying to find out about the wartime history of my late father Charles Bradley who served on MGB 324 in 1944 ( which I believe was part of the 14th MGB Flotilla ) also ML 878 and Stag (Motor Boat 38205) in 1945 and HMS Minstrel M445 (Minesweeper Algerine class) in 1946. He was also in Mayina in 1946. Any info, photos or advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
Pat Bradley 

3rd ML Flotilla.. James Henry Brooks. Served with 3rd ML Flotilla 1941-1945,possibly on ML462,Gordon Stead skipper? I have some photos on convoy work/crew/ML's. Sailed/served in Gibraltar, then onto Malta for most of the war, he also used to talk about Libya, North African coast and
Naples. Any information would be gratefully received. Keep up the good work, great site. Alan 

54th MTB flotilla.. Hello. I am writing a local history book from the Norwegian coast. Two men from the Batalden island served on ML-boats (I think) operating in the Channel during 2.nd WW. I found Leslies web site most interesting. Do anyone know if there were Norwegian crew members on English ML's or MTB's, or did the Norwegian operate their own vessels. My two men were in the channel area from start of nov. 1941 until they later were sent to Shetland and joined the 54th MTB-flotilla in Lerwick. Is there possible to trace my men in some crew lists or other documents. I will be most grateful for any information.  EMAIL

Vis re-union.. The final Veterans of Vis re-union will assemble on the Island of Vis in Komiza during the week beginning May 18th. Further details by EMAIL Peter (Radar ) MGB 647

Arthur Thomas Moxley, ML138.. My father Arthur Thomas Moxley AB a Londoner was on ML138 during the war and was awarded the DSM, He was based at Newhaven and is still alive today living in Whitstable Kent. If there are any old shipmates out there I can put them in touch with him. Terry Moxley Canterbury Kent I enclose a pic of his boat ML138 and would love to find more pics of his boat for him.. EMAIL

ML138 provided by Terry Moxley

MGB 647.. Shipmates, Having served aboard MGB 647 in the Adriatic and on the Island of Vis (Komiza) would welcome the opportunity to exchange information and photographs. Cheers Peter (Radar) EMAIL

Frank Withers .. I am trying to contact FRANK WITHERS who was on MTB681 the night of her sinking 9th June 1944. My father, DENNIS GEORGE BODMAN, who was a gunner on this boat, was injured during the sinking and was in the same lifeboat as Frank when they were rescued. I would love to hear from Frank, or anyone who knows him, as I am trying to find more about my dad's time on MTB681 and then, after sick leave, MTB729. Please email me at EMAIL

Dennis Bodman.. I am looking for any information on my late father, DENNIS GEORGE BODMAN, or the boats that he served on - MTB689, MTB441, MTB693, MTB681, MTB729, MTB695, MTB467, MTB764, ML248, ML895, ML834, ML1286 between Sept 1943 and December 1944. He was also based at HMS Amzari, Mayina, HMS Highflyer and HMS Pembroke as Leading Seaman between Jan 1945 and November 1946. I would love to hear from anybody who may have served with him, or anyone that can tell me more about Amzari, Mayina and Highflyer. Keeping my fingers crossed! Please email me at EMAIL

Robbie Stewart.. My late father Robert Stewart served for a time in Coastal Forces , he was on one of the MTB's send out to intercept the Brest Squadron when they forced the channel and was part of the naval force which took the raiders off the beach at Bruneval. I only have the number of one ML he was on 249 , although I know he served on several others. I only have one photograph of my father on ML's 249 taken at Dartmouth possibly in early 1943. Names of those in the photo.#"Bunts" Green , Jock Moran, Stoker hayden, "Texans" Baisley , Percy baines, "Spewey" Pugh , Coxan Alex McKew , Bob "Scous" Hill , Jim Revoles (?) , "Sub Asdic" Drew , Rocky Granger. If anyone has a photo of the boat or knew my late father " Robbie" Stewart I would love to hear from them. EMAIL

James Davis.. My Father served with the RN in Gibraltar during World War Two on a M T B his name was James Davis Has anyone out there have information on what type of M T B or any photos or who he served under. EMAIL

Peter Henry DSM.. Died Sunday 26th October(2008)  at Sunderland Royal Hospital aged 85. Beloved Husband of Freda and cherished by all the family. Peter served with Honour in the costal forces during world war two and was awarded the distinguished service medal.
All Through his life he was passionate about pigeon racing and was known as part of 'Gippert and Henry'. Everyone is welcome at a service which will be held at 2pm on Thursday 30th October, prior to a cremation at Sunderland crematorium at 3pm. Flowers welcome or a donation to the coastal forces veteran association if desired.

2nd MTB Flotilla...  Acting Stoker P.O. Stephen [Buddy] Hide of MTB 07 was one of the sixty eight men who succeeded in the escape on Christmas Day 1941. The Flotilla was scuttled off the coast at Nano China in Mirs Bay and the party then travelled overland 2880 miles to Rangoon in Burma. The story so far can be found at: http://www.mwadui.com/HongKong/index_hk.htm

John Walter McNicholas... My granddad served on mtbs during the second world war but cannot find any info his name is John Walter McNicholas. I believe he was in a pool of sailors. I also think he served under sir Walter Scott ,and also sailed on gray goose. Many thanks Andrew. EMAIL

Geoffrey Evan Ford, ML272, ML103... My father Geoffrey Evan Ford joined RNVR in London before 2nd WW ( either 1937 or 39), he was in ML 272 and I believe ML 103. I know he went to Gold Coast and Bombay in ML's and In 1944/45 he was based at HMS Sanderling, Paisley, near Glasgow. (Now Glasgow Airport) Would anyone remember him or could give me any information on what activities these ML's got up to? He also was involved in the Sea Cadets in Walthamstow area London. Please email. Thank you. EMAIL

ML196.. Hornet ML196, I am trying to find out more about the history of my grandfathers naval career, especially the reason he was awarded the DSM. His details are; Alfred Leonard Downey J109308 he served on MTB 10 and was involved in the escape from Hong Kong with Admiral Chan Chak Christmas 1941. I have his service record and it says he was awarded the DSM 14th June 1945 and he was then serving on Hornet ML196. Any information gratefully received. Christian Storr.  EMAIL

MGB 21, MGB 122, MTB 441, MTB 78. Charles John Mercer (M.I.D.), .. Able Seaman Charles John Mercer (M.I.D.), C.J.X.354439 Orlikon 22mm Gunner. Coastal Forces Veterans Association. Membership No. 375, Served on board: MGB 21, MGB 122, MTB 441, MTB 78. Was on board HMS Ark Royal when the Japanese surrendered in the South Pacific. 

       Sadly passed away on 20th September 2007 aged 84.
Danny Mercer (Son)  EMAIL

MTB440.. Danny McNally was a gunner on MTB 440 under Lt. Cmdr. Fesq. He is now 84 years and would appreciate any contact from old shipmates. I am also looking for any information regarding MTB 440 and crew. The CO at the time was Lt. Guy Tyrwhitt-Drake RN.  Best regards, Mike Hodgson, pp. Danny Mcnally. EMAIL

HMS BEEHIVE.. Hello, I am looking for anyone who served at HMS BEEHIVE in Felixstowe, Suffolk. Either on the MTB boats or any thing to do with the Sunderland flying boats. I live in Felixstowe and am researching the base. Any stories, memories, photographs anything would be most welcome. Many thanks, Steve Cox. EMAIL

MGB 601,  David Newbold's  enquires are now centring on: - Names of crew members, Ship log, Fairmile Marie Design & Systems, Dover port Harbour, Fire Service, hospital/Naval records, Any associated Forums/Discussions Boards, Any allied links or leads. Please email David Newbold. EMAIL

MTB358, My name is Frank Mackie. I am looking for a crew list of MTB358. Commissioned Harland and Wolf, Belfast, 1943. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please EMAIL

MTB728, Maurice Jones .. It is my soul destroying task to inform you that Able Seaman MAURICE HUGH JONES who served aboard MTB 728 and was gravely ill has died aged 81, on Sunday 7th, January 2007 at 18:10 hours, even unto the end he remembered his fellow crew, who were killed by friendly fire from MTB 724, in a decisive battle against 3 German boats, we will miss him greatly, REST PEACEFULLY PAL AND THANK YOU.  Andrew k Milton & family. EMAIL

MTB728, Maurice Jones ..  Able seaman, Maurice Jones who served on MTB 728 as part of coastal command during World War 2, who at this time is gravely ill, would like to pass on his regards to all crewmen, who served alongside him and on other boats during this time. Andrew Milton. pp Maurice Jones R. N. V. R. EMAIL

J Burton Gunner (T) RN DSC .. H.M.S Lion .. J Burton was my Great Grandfather and who was Torpedo Boatswain of HMS Lion in action off the Dogger Bank 24th January, 1915.  He was mentioned in Admiral Beatty's despatch for distinguished services rendered on that occasion.  Apparently, this information, together with a picture of J Burton, was published on a cigarette card for Naval & Flying Heroes.  I am looking to purchase a reproduction of that card, but due to not knowing who the tobacco company was, I have not been successful. Any information gratefully received.  Loraine Payne.  EMAIL

MTB754 .. Info on MTB754 of the 68th flotilla required. EMAIL

ML162, MTB695, MGB692 ..My  late  father  was  on   ML162  and   MTB  695  --  MGB  692  ---  LST  3525. Would you happen to have any information or photos of the above? Would be grateful for any information. Best wishes,   Peter. EMAIL

ML194 .. I am interested in any information on ML194 and her commander James (Jim) Bond, RNZNVR.  I believe he was based at Portsmouth for some time. Before D Day he was seconded to the US forces, went to briefings with Eisenhower & Monty,and on June 6th lead the first wave of US landing craft into Omaha beach behind the minesweeper. Anything at all would be of interest. EMAIL

William O’Neill ..  H.M.S Cotswold .. I am looking for information on my granddad William O’Neill he was a stoker first class on H.M.S Cotswold in World War Two. I would like to know where his grave is,  all I know is that he died at sea during World War Two. He was married to May O’Neill and they lived in Inckerman Street, Stockton on Tees, Co Durham and he had 4 children.  If anyone knows anything about him please email me. Regards Jackie Cooper. EMAIL

ALBERT DOWNEY D.S.M., MTB 10 & ML196..  ALBERT DOWNEY D.S.M., MTB 10 and ML196; I am researching the service of Petty Officer A.L. Downey who served in MTB 10 in the defence of Hong Kong, escaped across occupied China and later served in ML 196. He was awarded the DSM in 1945. Any information on him or on ML196 would be gratefully received. Chris Bilham, Hong KongI  EMAIL

MTB681... I have recently found out that a cousin of mine served on the 681, but died of injuries 10 06 44. Does anyone have any info about the crew? the boat? the action? email  if you know anything. Many thanks. Trefor Jones EMAIL

Lieutenant-Commander G J (Jim) Macdonald .. I am doing some research for a possible book about Lieutenant-Commander G J (Jim) Macdonald, DSO. DSC and 2 bars, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve. He commanded the 21st MTB Flotilla in 1943-44, when he was 22 or 23. Before that he did an officers' course at HMS Alfred, and was commissioned as a midshipman in May 1941. Could anybody please shed some light? Paul Corrigan, Petone, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.  EMAIL

MTB684..  any info on this boat its crew and service in ww2 please contact as my father was on this boat and I do not know any history about his service in ww2 thanks. Dave Dellow. EMAIL

MTB 658.. Stanley Campion.. My father - Stanley Campion, served with Captain Reynolds and the late Captain Bligh in WWII as radar operator. He will be 80 on 21st February 2006. I am sure he would love to hear from you if you remember him. Please contact me. Thank you. Gail Sudall. EMAIL

ML286 .. Geoffrey Head .. My father Geoffrey Head, served on ML.286 during the Second World War and I wondered if anyone has any information about this boat or if they knew my father. Many Thanks. Chris Head. EMAIL

MTB454 .. Andrew Banger .. My Grandfather, Andrew Banger DSM MID,  served on MTB 454. He would very much like to hear from any of his old ship mates. Please feel free to Email me so that I can forward your details on to him.  EMAIL

HMMTB 360.. - PO Clarence Cuthbert Keem RN..  My grandfather was based at Felixstowe HMS Beehive and served on the above MTB.  On the night of 1 October 1944 he was in action against a German convoy off the Dutch coast and was killed.  He received a posthumous Mention in Despatches.  Earlier that year he had been awarded a DSM for his part in a torpedo attack on another German convoy.  Does anyone have any information about my grandfather?  I am slowly piecing things together but information is scarce.  His nickname was kipper.  He was supposed to be off duty on the evening of the attack but at the last minute he stood in for a shipmate whose baby girl was very ill.  The child later died David R Court. EMAIL

Bob Mellor.. MTB. 751..  My  name is Bob Mellor and I served on M.T.B. 751 as P.O. Motor Mechanic. I would love to hear from any of my old shipmates..  EMAIL

ML253.. My father, Jack Dobson, served on ML253 from June 10 1944 until July 31 1945, and I would like to find out more about this vessel, and indeed MLs generally. I do know that ML253 was inspected by Field Marshal Montgomery in Antwerp, June 7 1945, and was in Hamburg in July '45, but I know very little about its specific duties or movements prior to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Tim Dobson - EMAIL

Lt J R Doyland RNVR..   I am trying to find anyone who might remember my father. Lt J R Doyland RNVR. At first he served as a seaman having volunteered at the outbreak of the war, and incidentally he was a teacher at that point and the education authority threatened him that he would never teach again because he joined up, he then was posted to King Alfred in Brighton where he became an officer, I know that he served on MTB’s on the south coast, he was based at Hollyhead for a time, also on the Isle of Arran, finally ending up at Gas House Creek in Harwich.  He was offered a full commission on the cessation of hostilities but went back to teaching in Essex. Hope that you can help as the families knowledge of his activities during the war is very sketchy. John Doylan.  EMAIL

Q338..  I am trying to find out any info regarding Coastal Forces boats my granddad, John George Thomas Burton, served on during the war. I have found a picture of him onboard a boat which has  the number Q338 written on it. if anyone out there has any info on this boat or my granddad's service. it would greatly appreciated.. Paul Burton.  EMAIL

MTB656 & MTB5010.   I am trying to get information on two Fairmile D MTBs  679 and 5010 From Feb 1944 to Feb 1946. My Father William (Percy) Allen  served on these boats as a gunner. He died some eight years ago and although left some information and photos I am trying to collate a history of his time in MTBs. I have viewed copies of John Lamberts Fairmile D and Leonard Reynolds Dog Boats at War which has given an overall picture. If any one has any photos or information about these specific MTBs or might have known my Father. I would be very grateful.  EMAIL

MTB656.. I am looking for information (and any pics) on MTB 656 which my friends father Jack Earl Newman, served on between 22 Dec 1942 to 5 April 1943. Any information would be much appreciated. EMAIL

Fredrick Arthur Brettell.. Fredrick Arthur Brettell (Fred) from Wales served on MTBs in WW2. Looking for any information on his service, I have 2 Pictures of MTBs one which looks like it has 508 on it and one of the Crew after capturing a German Submarine, they are holding Nazi flags and other Souvenirs, my father emigrated to New Zealand soon after the war. Colin Brettell  EMAIL

Arthur Charles Taylor..  My late father Arthur Charles Taylor (Wag) was in the Navy from 1931(St. Vincent) to 1961 and served on many ships. These included: Caradoc, Foyle, Dee, Devonshire, Norfolk (1939), Brazen (Aug 39-July 40 on board when sunk), Arethusa (Feb 41-Sept 42), Loyalty (March 43 -Aug 44 on board when sunk), Pytchley (Nov 44-Jan 46),  Ceasar (1949), Venus (Nov 47 -Oct 49), Rapid 1949 -50), Wilton (Aug 50-May 52), President (April 1954 – 15th January 1956), Rooke ( Admiral’s Cox’n at Gibraltar April 1956 –May 1957).   He was also President of the CPO's Mess, Devonport 1952 - 54. All a very long time ago but any memories of my father or his ships would be appreciated. He died in 1974 at the early age of 55. EMAIL

MTB612..  If anyone has any photos or info on MTB612 or HMS Devonshire please e-mail    EMAIL

Charlie Mercer..  Charlie Mercer served on  MGB 21 of the 5th flotilla - MGB 122 of the 10th,  MTB441 of the 3rd  MTB flotilla and MTB 781 of the 68th flotilla.  He would like to talk over old times.  If you can help please email.   EMAIL

ML102..  I am researching ML102 on which my father served. Any info?   EMAIL

ML361..  I am researching ML361. This was a boat my granddad, John George Thomas Burton, served on during the second world war. Any info would be appreciated. Paul Burton.  EMAIL

T.Lt. F. Roger Lightoller..  If anyone personally remembers or has any information regarding my father, T.Lt. F. Roger Lightoller,  please e-mail me. Thank you, Daphne.   EMAIL

MTB761..     Can anyone supply any history on MTB761 as my father used to own this boat in Maldon Essex.              Thank you..       Roger Chapman  EMAIL

MTB725 & 64th Flotilla.. Geoff Knowles would like information of any crew of MTB 725 including Jimmy Nisbet 1st Lieutenant and Coxwain Arthur Gallon or any info on 64th MTB Flotilla.  EMAIL

Geoffrey Knowles MTB 725.. I am trying to contact anyone who served with my husband on MTB 725. We went to Festival of Remembrance and I know he would have liked to meet up with anyone he served with.  Also if anyone has information as to what happened to MTB 725.Colleen Knowles EMAIL

Brixham based MTBs circa 1943/5.. I would love to hear from anyone who was based at Brixham on MTBs during the Second World War. I am trying to get information on my late fathers RN service. His name was William James Richards (Bill). Any leads would be wonderful, such as what boats were stationed  there etc. Yours aye . William Richards jnr . EMAIL

Lt Cmd Tom Ashdown.. Any information on my Father Lt Cmd Tom Ashdown would be appreciated. Tom (my Father) who died 10 years ago and never spoke much about the War. From his service records I note the following:
ML133 in command 22/7/40 - 14/11/40,   ML126 in command 15/11/40=11/5/41ML261 in Command and SO 17 ML flotilla 30/10/42-14/12/42ML104 in Command and SO 50th ML Flotilla 15/12/42-5/12/43Eaglet and Vanquisher and Fame for escort experience 24/1/44-19/3/44Atreus 1st Lt 4/5/44-27/11/44LST 157 in command 6/12/44-18/2/46.
No knowledge at all of Atreus which we believe was a converted merchant ship to Minelayer and what operations LST 157 was involved in just some pictures of a beach landing somewhere. EMAIL

Remnants of 50th MLF, Ramsgate 12.07.1945 (ML104 centre). Supplied by Leslie J.Sprigg.

ASR 2550..  Robin Borrett (Ex RAF 43 Squadron and MRS). I am looking for information on RAF Air Sea Rescue boat ASR 2550 (Now called Buccaneer).  I've attached (below) a drawing that I completed recently of ASR2550 now moored near Nottingham. With some help from RAF Hendon, I know that it came into service in 1942 with RAF Leuchars and moved to various places down the East Coast until being sold off in 1946.  I would like to be able to write a short history to go with the picture. EMAIL 

Buccaneer. © R.Borrett

TB18.. ARTHUR REEVE.. I would like to hear from anyone who was related to any of the crew on TB18. I'd particularly like to get any photographs of TB18 or the crew. Contact me at EMAIL 

MTB29..  Any information regarding  Lt. FELIX  TATTERSFIELD,   C.O.  HM MTB 29.(4th MTB Flotilla, HMS Beehive -Felixstowe)  Felix was KIA when MTB 29 sunk after a collision with an E-boat on the night of 6/7 October 1942. Does anybody remember him???? or can anyone provide details of that action. Family would appreciate any information.   Greg Firth  EMAIL

TB33..  I am trying to find out some information about HM Torpedo Boat 33. I recently bought a tea cup, saucer and plate [from a collectors fair] with a picture of HMTB 33 and the flags of UK, Russia, France and Belgium (?). Any info would be welcome. Also, I used to live on a Polish Torpedo Boat S-8 (ex- HMTB 427) as a houseboat ('Whimsical Macgoffley') in Southampton. She was originally on the River Hamble as 'Houseboat Hippocampus' - any info. would be helpful. I have quite a lot of history of the boat but always welcome anything else!   Thanks. EMAIL

HMTB115 J H  HELLIWELL...I am looking for information on J H Helliwell who served on HMTB115. I am not related but I have a 1914 Christmas presentation inscribed J H Helliwell MTB115. If anyone has information please contact Ian at EMAIL

MTB494.. CHARLES AUGUSTUS HOLLAND.. My cousin Gus served on HMMTB494 during WW2. The following details are from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt of Honour Register. "In memory of Charles Augustus Holland, Able Seaman P/JX 262015, HMMTB494, Royal Navy who died on Saturday 7 April 1945 age 23." I would like to hear from anyone who served on this boat. Contact Patrick at EMAIL

MGB616 or MTB616. My father served on this boat. If anyone can supply any info of MTB616 and any photos of the boat and crew Please contact me at EMAIL

MTB630..  we are trying to find some photos and any information on the royal navy motor torpedo boat 630 our grandfather was serving on this boat in 1944 if you can help please email  EMAIL

MTB647.   CAN YOU HELP>  I am trying to find information on MTB647 and any photos of the Torpedo Boat or its crew. Please contact Barbara Izzard at EMAIL

HMT849..    I am inquiring on someone to assist in getting any information on HMT 849.  My Great Uncle was a ship builder at Smith's Dock in Teeside, some years ago in his retirement he built a museum quility scale replica of this ship.  However he has since past on this last year and I am in possession of this replica and live just outside of Houston, Texas, USA.  We have no name, sevice history or anything on this ship and would like to build a display of this ship with some history on it.  If you have any suggestions it would be appreciated.  Kindest regards, Simon Wright   EMAIL

HMS COTTESMORE  I served on the 'Cottesmore' from Late 43 till nov 45 and then went on to the 'Belvour ' My name is Roy Cox AB / L.Seaman A/A gunner  Now living In Brisbane OZ EMAIL

HMS COTSWOLD I am looking for any information, photos etc on HMS Cotswold. My granddad served on her as a cook during WWII on the east coast convoys. Contact me at EMAIL

HMS FERNIE  FREDERICK RICKMAN My Grandfather  served on HMS Fernie throughout the war. Any information about the destroyer, what she did and anyone who may have information concerning my grandfather Frederick Rickman would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at EMAIL

HMS PYTCHLEY  SUB-LIEUTENANT HUGH FORDHAM.. My late husband served in HMS Pytchley, I think he told me that James Mason, the film star, was serving too, at one time. Does anyone remember them? If so I would love to hear from them. Contact me at EMAIL

HMS SPIDER Looks like my deceased uncle Leslie Tomlinson served on HMS Spider .  During a tour of the far east he wrote letter to my mother (b. 5th May 1919 d. 2002.).   There is a mismatch of some information in that Les's letter thanks Mum for hers -  - and she was very young even at the time HMS Spider was scrapped - unless the scrap date was later?   As I understand it is written on Japanese wood paper.   I also have photos of my uncle during later service, he also served on HMS Ajax, but I think this was before the Battle of the River Plate.  He left the navy after the war.    Barry Faith   EMAIL


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