Leslie J. Sprigg ex: Leading Telegraphist. RN.

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My Photo Gallery 

Leslie on his wedding day

63rd MTB Flotilla at Great Yarmouth on VE Day

ML108 at speed

ML108 crew being picked up by ML101

A close up of MTB753 crew on VE Day

Leslie and Joan on their wedding day 13th Jan 1945

MTB753 Bridge

The Norwegian Pennant given to me by my oppos

ML108 Football Team (Leslie middle top)

ML108 (left) with mines

The only survivors of the 50th Flotilla

Mentioned in Despatches 13th July 1943

MGB695 (type) before conversion to MTB

MGB695 after conversion to MTB695



HMS Greenwich

Leslie with Alan West 6th June 2004

Old Wills's Card from Leslie's collection. Telegraphists.

Coastal Forces Plaque at National Memorial Arboretum

Leslie at "Dedication and Blessing of the Memorial Stone" "The Rock of the Sea"

Sign the ML108 Ships Log

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