Leslie J. Sprigg (1920 - 2016)       ex: Leading Telegraphist.   Royal Navy.

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My time on HMS Greenwich

HMS Greenwich   (25/09/1945 - 06/01/1946)


Leslie J. Sprigg ex: Leading Telegraphist. RN.


My last and only big ship was HMS Greenwich, a destroyer depot ship, in Portsmouth harbour.  I was leading telegraphist to S.O.R.F. Portsmouth.  My main task was to send out test signals to selected vessels in the reserve fleet and then be taken by picket boat to collect and mark them.  This was a nice quiet number and a good way to finish my service. 


I was crew for six months and then demobbed.  I joined the Royal Fleet Reserve for a further six years. 

HMS Greenwich (F.10) Converted from Merchant ship before its launch, Built by Dobson, swan Hunter and launched 5th July 1915.  Displacement: 8,100 tons, Speed: 11 Knots, Compliment: 224  Armament: Four 4 -inch Guns and one 3 - inch AA Gun.  served throughout Ww1 and saw service in WW2 as a destroyer depot Ship at Scapa Flow 1939 - 1941, then saw service in Canada and Iceland during 1942, serving the rest of the war in Home waters . after the war converted back to merchant ship by Swan Hunter in 1947as Hembury becoming Naven Hembury in 1955. (Source : http://www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk)

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